What Sets BBA Apart

The firm is flexible and offers the best value-for-money services. BBA adaptable with times and continuously invests in creativity and innovation to provide the most ideal and practical solutions to clients.

BBA boasts a comprehensive team of highly qualified experts to serve our clients in all tax areas in Corporation Tax, VAT, Customs, Non-Tax Revenue, excise Duty among others. BBA has the highest number of Tax agents registered with Uganda Revenue Authority

The experts include lawyers, tax agents, accountants and customs experts most who are have had varied work experiences ranging from tax administration and inter-governmental consultancies.

The Firm’s  Core Values


Maintaining a high standard of care towards clients by providing practical legal advise by being effective and efficient.


Team work. Customer care. Transparency. Perseverance


Respectful. Adhere to codes of conduct of BBA and clients.


Quick responsiveness. Accountability. Reliability

Passion for Excellence

Updated in changes in Laws and upcoming industries, client relations, quality assurance.


Creativity. Authenticity. Practical Solutions.

We Are The Game Changers

BBA also handles more than 60% of the tax cases in the Tax Appeals Tribunal and has over 17 years’ experience in Taxation. Further, BBA also has skilled personnel in arbitration and has an arbitrator to efficiently advise the clients.

We are ready to serve you

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