Our History

Founding of Firm
The firm was founded by Birungyi Kagyenda Cephas together with Enoch Barata in 2003. The firm started off as Birungyi, Barata & Co. Advocates.
Firm Rebrand
In 2016, the firm name changed to Birungyi, Barata & Associates with an addition of Jacob Ngobi, George Twinomugisha and later Robinah Lutaaya Lubwama to the firm as Associates and their main focus is on Taxation.

The founder’s dream was to create a firm that provides efficient, responsive, result oriented and highly skilled Tax and Legal services.


Indeed, with the leadership of Birungyi Cephas, the firm developed a substantial Tax Advisory, Consultancy and Litigation service which brought him and the firm Local and International recognition while Enoch specialized and developed the Commercial and Corporate, Finance and Land Conveyance departments of the firm.



BBA has been recognized by both Local and International firms for its efficiency and effectiveness like Uganda Law Society, East African Law Society, IFLR, Global Law Experts among others for its excellence in Tax and Legal Services.


With the developments and changes in the Ugandan industry mainly in IT, intellectual property, Construction Law, Arbitration, Oil and Gas, the firm has slowly and gradually expanded its areas of practice; continuously adapting to the ever-changing legal environment to always efficiently and effectively serve its clients by providing the best practical but sound proof legal advice to its client.


The firm has two Partners, three Associates, four Associate Partners, two Senior Legal Associates, four Legal Associates and One Legal Assistant. The firm also has a procurement officer, accountant, registry officer and Law Clerks all who ensure that the clients get the best services in line with the firm’s Vision and Mission.

Currently, Birungyi Cephas Kagyenda is the Managing Director of the firm and it’s our pleasure to state that the firm has served its clients for over 16years now and we assure you of the best services.


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