BBA has the highest number of registered Tax Agents with the URA and the distinguished experts are ready to serve the clients diligently and professionally with a track record of delivering highly efficient and quality result to our clients both local and internationally. In specific the firm offers the following services:

Registration of Tax

The firm offers and guides clients on how to register for various taxes and the requirements needed by the Uganda Revenue Authority and taxation of residents and non-resident persons in Uganda.

Types of Taxes

BBA advises on all taxes including Income Tax, VAT, Customs, Local Excise Duty, non-tax revenue (Stamp duty, property tax), withholding tax, Transfer Pricing and PAYE among others.

Tax Advisory

The firm also advises individuals and companies on effective tax structures and tax planning, applying for tax exemptions, applying for tax refunds, international tax, drafting Transfer Pricing Policies, Financial related services and managing Payrolls among others.

Tax audits and reviews

The firm has also participated in several audits and tax examination / reviews on behalf of its clients with Uganda Revenue Authority. The firm reviews and analyses the tax computations, examinations and or audits and advises clients on whether tax is due or not. The firm will thereafter object to the assessments and participate in reconciliation with URA if required.

Filing Tax Returns

BBA also files return for and on behalf of clients basing on the client’s needs. The returns range from corporation tax, withholding tax, PAYE, VAT among others.


BBA has carried out various consultancies related to drafting and advice on double taxation agreements, drafting codes on practices against harmful tax practices, training revenue official in Bauchi State Nigeria on best practices in taxation, assisted in drafting of the Tax Appeals Tribunal Act of Rwanda, EAC inter-connectivity among others.

Tax Litigations

The firm also represents clients before the Tax Appeals Tribunal and Courts of Judicature. The firm has over 60% of tax matter before the Tribunal.

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